Guitar playing at its best

Mike (High School) Townson

Red Hot Texas Guitar!

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Mike (HighSchool) Townson cranks out the lead guitar at a show in Plano.

Mike Townson
Lighting Fast Texas Guitar

Mike may look like he's fresh out of high school but he knows a thing or two about handling a guitar. Mike, a native of McKinney, Texas, is sure to excite the crowd with his fast leads. He seems to be able to pick-up any song quickly and is ready and willing to innovate. The results are some of the nicest sounds coming off a stage. Mike can also make music on the keyboard and create new song arrangements. These talents will show up on the stage in future shows.

Mike came to the Blues Drifters by chance at a studio session. Mike is a student at Collin County Community College in Plano, Texas, working toward a degree in sound production. Mike assisted in the recording of a Blues Drifters studio session that produced a promotional CD. When he said that he played blues lead guitar and that it was more than just a passing interest, he was recruited on the spot. We didn't know how good he was, though. It wasn't long before he was on stage as a Blues Drifter. Mike has since over-dubbed his own lead and our new drummer's pieces onto the recorded CD tracks. This multi-talented musician has added a lot to the band in a very short time. You are going to like Mike.