The Blues Drifters and Guest Guitarist Steve Griffen making a statement. Click on the Blues Drifters Logo to schedule the Blues Drifters for a show.    Blues Drifters

Chicago Blues and Texas Guitar
847-289-1112 (Chicago)   972-422-9583 (Dallas)
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Blues Drifters Banner from Carter's Place.  Where is our name? TrainTime does Mustang Sally at Marlene's with Audience Participation. Carter's Place rocks with the Blues Drifters in Oct. 2003.

Blues Drifters Information Page

Contact Information

You can reach us by email at or give us a call at 847-289-1112 (Chicago area) or 972-422-9583 (Dallas area).

Most of the time we can be seen in the local watering holes of the Dallas and Chicago areas. Yeah, we do drift around a bit. Basically we will play anything with anyone, for anyone, any place, any time, and just for the thrill of it. This is the reason we got the old name that we finally decided to dump. It just wasn't a marketable name. We won't tell you what it was...unless you buy us a few drinks after watching one of our shows. Then we'd probably tell you just about anything.

We are available for both private parties and public engagements at clubs, restaurants, and events of all types. We really will play for just about anyone, anywhere. Our goal is to entertain. We won't let you down on that account.

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