Get-Down with the Saxman!

Dana "The Saxman" Keith

Power Sax on the Blues

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Dana plays some beautiful jazz for the audience at the Collin County Community College. Matt and Dana get down for the audience.

Dana Keith
Sweet Notes from the Horn

A native of Carrollton, Texas, Dana Keith has extensive musical experience in performing, mostly with jazz bands and jazz ensembles. But, like everyone else, he also loves the blues and has been a Blues Drifter for over two years.

Dana joined the band after talking over the possibilities with Matt Guitar Coulter. Dana's better half is a Government professor at Collin County Community College in Plano, Texas, where Matt is a History professor. When she brought Dana to a faculty party, he and Matt start talking music and the blues. Dana became a Blues Drifter and to the band he has become: "The Saxman."

Dana's career takes him around the United States. When he cannot jam with the Blues Drifters, he finds blues musicians wherever he is. Recently, he performed numerous gigs with a blues band in Columbia, South Carolina. Currently, he is back in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and ready to perform at upcoming Blues Drifters shows. The band sometimes adds a little jazz to the mix in order to showcase Dana's talents, so don't be too surprised to hear a little Miles Davis or George Benson music at a Blues Drifters show. Dana may even throw in a few phrases in French to spice up the show.

Dana gets serious about the blues.