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Phil Ramos pulls out the wah wah at a show in Plano.

Phil Ramos
Pulling the Sound Together

Through a connection with Bassman Dr. Blooz, Philip Ramos has brought his guitar into the Blues Drifters. Phil has been playing music since he picked up his fathers mandolin as a kid and the saxophone and flute in fifth grade. His experience includes marching bands, party bands, coffee house combos, acoustical sets, and rock bands. Phil even filled-in and played bass for a disco band in 1976!

He took his guitar everywhere and jammed with anyone and everyone he could especially while serving in the Army while in Europe in the seventies. Phil credits his adaptable music style to having jammed with so many people in the past, Every time you play with someone, you learn something. Phils guitar adds flexibility and a slightly distorted rocking wah-wah sound to the band. Fitting in with the basic structure of the band and adding texture is what Phil brings to the group. You can usually hear Phil riding the rhythm and crashing and filling cords. Occasionally Phil will slip out to the front and add some licks.

Although his blues experience is limited, his drifting experience is solid!