Guitar playing at its best

Scott Yarbrough

Texas Guitar at its Finest!

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Scott and Sandy playing one of their favorite songs together. Scott gets emotional for the audience. Scott and his son play a couple for a special performance.

Scott "Gecko" Yarbrough
Lead Speed and Fun to Watch

Scott is a Texas guitar player through and through. Hot as the Texas Sun and serious as a Texas Rattler; Scott reminds you of some other great Texas guitar players that we all know and love. Born in Mule Shoe, Texas, he was in a band called the reptiles for 5 years. That is where he met his beautiful wife and occaisional Blues Drifters guest vocalist: Sandy. What reptile was Scott? The Gecko. A Gecko is good luck by the way.

Scott plays Blues as naturally as he walks but he does like to rock a bit too. In fact, it is hard to find something he doesn't like to play. Unlike so many fast-fingered guitar players, Scott started out in a rythem guitar role. Voted as one of the best guitar players in Texas, he now plays lead for the Blues Drifters. He is a musician's musician and a powerful part of the music both on stage and off. We know you will enjoy watching Scott.

These boyz get serious about their blues.