Marlene's in Elgin experiencing some Floor-Stomping Blues in March. alt=    Blues Drifters
Chicago Blues and Texas Guitar
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Mark, DrBlooz, Guitar and the Sergaent rock-out the Blues at Carter's Place. Love & War in Texas enjoys the Guitar, Harp, and Bass of the Blues Drifters. Mark, Train, and Guitar Jammin' at a hot Carter's Place show. Hot Texas Guitar at Carter's Place in Lockport, Illinois.

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Everybody loves "My Little Red Rooster." Come watch the Blues Drifters and they'll play it for you.

Chicago Bluesmen and a Texas Guitar form the core. The Blues Drifters play familiar Blues Standards and several Blues Drifters originals. They will rock you when they jam out on their own "Lowdown Homeboy Blues."

Muddy Waters, BB King, and Willie Dixon have definitely made their mark on the band. So have Paul Butterfield, Stevie Ray, Luther Allison, Clapton, and Hendrix. Other inspirations include: Skid City Blues Band, the Big Twist, and Duke Tomato. The Blues Drifters are students of a variety of live blues musicians and they continue to patronize blues shows, in corner bars and concert halls, to absorb the excitement of live blues performances.

The Blues Drifters have been performing publicly, as a band, since 2000. They play a couple shows each month. The shows tend to alternate months between Chicago and Dallas area venues. Clubs fill for their shows. The audience size usually varies from 50 to 250 people depending upon the available space. Texas favorites include "Sweet Tomato" in McKinney and "Love & War in Texas" in Plano. They played the third year in a row for an annual event in the Atrium of the "Collin County Community College" just last January. Chicago area's "Carter's Place" in Lockport has been a recent favorite. Each year the Blues Drifters play for large audiences at the world's largest free blues festival: "The Chicago Blues Fest." Other Chicago venues have included "Marlene's" in Elgin and "Brown Sugar" in the City. They play for private parties too. In April they will perform two shows at the "Paradise Grill" in Southern Illinois' Winsor Oaks Inn.

The Blues Drifters goal is to entertain and have fun doing it. They mix-up a good deal of heart-pounding, floor-shaking blues with a few dark slow ones for contrast. Enjoy.

The Blues Drifters and Guest Guitarist Steve Griffen making a statement.